Thank you so much for the reac­tive train­ing class­es. We learned so much, and will con­tin­ue to put into prac­tice what you taught us. I have gone to numer­ous dog train­ing class­es and sem­i­nars  in Canada and the US over the years, but your class was quite sim­ply the best! I can see why your dogs have won so many obe­di­ence titles.

Already we have made head­way. Yesterday was the first day Henry did­n’t go bal­lis­tic when anoth­er dog walked into the lob­by of our build­ing. He looked at the oth­er dog, looked at me, and sat for treat. I gave him a treat because it was the first time he’s ever done that. Six weeks ago we nev­er would have been able to take him on Yonge. The two times we tried it, he was a leap­ing, bark­ing mani­ac. Now he pret­ty much ignores bikes and even motor­cy­cles, which is amazing.

Sarah, Terry and Henry

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