“Canine Campus is absolute­ly amaz­ing, and Lucinda is a very incred­i­bly tal­ent­ed train­er and coach to both My American Bulldog Kush and to me.  Her knowl­edge, con­fi­dence, sup­port, and her gen­uine­ly car­ing are real­ly invit­ing and ben­e­fi­cial for both of us.

I res­cued Kush from a bad sit­u­a­tion at 6 months old.  At the begin­ning I was told that it was less than a 50/50 as to whether he would have to be put down because of his aggres­sive­ness towards humans and oth­er dogs.  Lucinda did home vis­its and gave me great train­ing meth­ods on how to deal with an extreme case like him.  She invit­ed us to par­tic­i­pate in High Anxiety and that was the begin­ning of turn­ing him into such a hap­py, smart, obe­di­ent, and more con­fi­dent dog, and turn­ing me in to a bet­ter leader for my boy.  He has since com­plet­ed Manners 2, as well as Agility for fun, and we are enrolled in Advanced in the Park, which we are real­ly enjoying!

Her train­ing meth­ods are spec­tac­u­lar, and frankly I believe that no one else would have had the same out­come with both of us that Lucinda has had, and it real­ly is because she cares so much about the suc­cess of the dogs and the peo­ple in her class­es.  Canine Campus has two rooms sep­a­rat­ed by a glass wall, which is super because when Kush need­ed a men­tal break to shake things out, he could go in the sec­ond room and not miss any of the class.

Thank you to Lucinda and her team for tak­ing the time to work with Kush,  not only sav­ing his life, but also being so impor­tant in man­i­fest­ing an amaz­ing dog/owner bond that is the great­est feel­ing in the world

The smile on Kush’s face, which I nev­er saw until I worked with Lucinda, real­ly says it all!  — Cedric Fortin”

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