BREEDER OF THE PACK! Lucinda fea­tured on Animal Planet doc­u­men­tary, ”Breeder of the Pack”!

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Animal Planet con­tact­ed Lucinda about doing a doc­u­men­tary on her his­to­ry as a train­er and breed­er of cham­pi­on show and obe­di­ence dogs. Five breed­ers in Canada were cho­sen to be part of the series, so it was quite an hon­or. When they first called, I thought it was just a prank – it took a moment to real­ize that they were serious!


They fol­lowed our train­ing rou­tine for a week, includ­ing film­ing at a com­pe­ti­tion, cap­tur­ing a train­ing class, out for walks in the woods and our nor­mal at home rou­tine. It was an unbe­liev­able amount of footage to cre­ate one half hour show – I cer­tain­ly wouldn’t want to do it on an ongo­ing basis.

The crew was very thor­ough and pro­fes­sion­al, but it took a bit to get the dogs used to all of the com­mo­tion and cam­eras around them. They want­ed us to keep to repeat­ing activ­i­ties over and over so that they could cap­ture exact­ly what they want­ed on film. Sometimes I had to just say no, because it got con­fus­ing for the dogs when they’d done some­thing per­fect­ly and I kept ask­ing them to do it again. Hard to con­vince the pro­duc­er that though it made for bet­ter TV, it didn’t work well for training!

Despite all the stress, Sonic and Kudos both came through and did a great job – they look so cute onscreen!


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