Sonic and I are very hon­ored to have been select­ed by the Animal Planet to be fea­tured in an upcom­ing series, “Breeder of the Pack”. The show fol­lows us through our train­ing reg­i­men and as we hit the com­pe­ti­tions look­ing to earn new titles for Kudos and Sonic. Incredibly stress­ful to not only be com­pet­ing — but to have a cam­era crew fol­low­ing you!

The show first aired on September 2nd on the Animal Planet and has repeat­ed over the last cou­ple of months. It has now been picked up by main­stream TV, mak­ing it more acces­si­ble to everyone.

Since the show Sonic has gone on to earn his 6 MORE titles and many more 1st place wins, so he’s real­ly rock­ing the com­pe­ti­tion! He’s even doing Agility now and win­ning there, so it just goes to show you — any breed can be trained to work with you!