Puppies don’t get their full set of shots until they’re over 20 weeks of age — so they aren’t sup­posed to go to any pub­lic place or inter­act with oth­er pup­pies. The prob­lem is that the ages form 8 weeks to 16 are the most for­mi­tive time in a pup­py’s life.

One place that they can come safe­ly is Puppy Kindergarten. We always fresh­ly dis­in­fect before the class and nev­er allow any inter­ac­tion with old­er dogs or their toys. This offers a fun, safe and pos­i­tive envi­ron­ment to learn in with pup­pies their own age.

The kinder­garten is geared for the 10 — 20 week old pup­py who needs to learn some very impor­tant lessons. Some of these they can only learn from oth­er pup­pies; bite inhi­bi­tion in play, read­ing body lan­guage and prop­er play.

The fam­i­lies learn lots too, includ­ing prop­er han­dling, moti­va­tion­al train­ing and how to man­age all those pup­py issues. Your pup­py will be social­ized with men, women and kids too — which is so impor­tant while they’re form­ing their opin­ion of the world.

Come pre­pared to get on the floor and play with some incred­i­bly cute pup­pies — and take away a bet­ter social­ized and trained mem­ber of your family!

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