Many dogs find the world out­side their home to be entire­ly too stim­u­lat­ing and there­fore over­whelm­ing. Maybe they react with inap­pro­pri­ate aggres­sive sig­nals, or are just too excit­ed and drag their own­ers to every per­son and dog pass­ing by. Either way, it trans­lates to a very uncom­fort­able walk for the own­ers and the more it hap­pens, the more ingrained the behav­iour becomes. The walk turns into a dread­ed out­ing, instead of plea­sur­able time together.

Lucinda has been suc­cess­ful­ly work­ing with these types of dogs for years now and is pur­su­ing her Masters in the area of ani­mal behav­iour.   We start off with in home con­sul­ta­tions, to deter­mine the exact trig­gers for your dog and the meth­ods most suit­ed to assist them in adapt­ing to the world effec­tive­ly.  The course High Anxiety was devel­oped specif­i­cal­ly to address these issues and help own­ers learn to man­age their dogs more effec­tive­ly. It is so impor­tant to under­stand what your dog is feel­ing, antic­i­pate their reac­tion and find a prop­er way to chan­nel it.

Let us help you get that won­der­ful dog back that you brought home and make walk­ing a plea­sure again!

Vet rec­om­mend­ed and backed up by exul­tant own­ers — we can help turn things around for you!

Contact Lucinda to set up your con­sul­ta­tion today!

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